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We offer a wide range of tire services such as pressure service, tire rotation, flat tire repair, and tire replacement. Not only do we offer a wide rang of tire services, but our technicians are highly trained in all things OEM. When you come into our dealership for tire services, you can rest assure that you are in good hands.

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Tires are the only party of the vehicle that touch the road, so proper inflation is important. Our Tire Rotation Service includes checking tire pressure and inflating and deflating the tires as necessary to meet the OEM manufacture recommendation. Regular tire rotations at our service shop help evenly distribute tire wear-and-tear. Even in the unfortunate event that you get a flat tire, we offer flat tire repairs and the option to buy new ones. So now what could have been a major headache is just a minor inconvenience.

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We offer competitive pricing on all our tire services. We keep up with our competitors to ensure we present you with the best deal possible. Not only do we guarantee competitive pricing, but our technicians are OEM certified to make sure that we give you the best tire service possible.

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At Coggin Honda of St. Augustine, our skilled technicians are trained to keep your Honda vehicle's tires in optimal condition. Having your Honda SUV, car or truck's tires serviced regularly helps performance and fuel efficiency.

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