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We all need gasoline for our vehicles to run, this is a given. We want to make sure that you are not wasting all of your time at the gas stations this summer. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that you get the most out of the gas you pump into your vehicle and save your pockets a couple of dollars!

1.) Combine your trips
  • Gas prices always fluctuate and can be super low one day to "It was just so and so yesterday." Avoid the hassle and combine your trips down to one to avoid driving more. Stopping at one location that has all of your needs to meet your errands will benefit your gas tank and wallet tons throughout your bust week, and even save you time. If you live close by a shopping center, consider talking a walk to grab what you need, or even public transportation down the street can help you save.
2.) Purchase gas early or late in the day
  • Purchasing gas early or late in the day can help you save, and make sure you get the most use out of the gasoline you pump into your vehicle. Why you ask? The temperature of gas during these times are much cooler, and more dense. As the temperature starts to rise, gas density falls and you get less when you pump. Even purchasing gas during the beginning of the week may help save you $$$! Typically gas prices will rise in between Wednesday-Saturday. 
3.) Do not stay idle
  • Idling your vehicle cause much of your gasoline to go to waste, and contributes to pollution. Two things we do not want to happen! Instead of keeping the engine on while you wait for your significant other or kids to come out of the building, roll down your windows (if it is hot) and turn off the vehicle. You will help the planet, and save you money. 
4.) Don't wait until your tank is empty to fill up
  • You want to have the option of finding the cheapest gas around, instead of being forced to go to the nearest gas station, whose gas prices may be out of this world. Try to get gasoline when you are around 1/4 full so you have the option to find, or wait on a great deal per gallon. 

These simple tips and tricks will help you save money this summer on all your gas related needs. Stop wasting time at the pump and stay on the road. 

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