Wonder where all the magic happens to create all the innovative Honda design and technology? It's just as important to Honda to build impeccable facilites that are equivalent to the vehicles they make. As of tady, over 200,000 people work in Honda facilites worldwide. In the U.S. they several Honda factories, corporate offices, research buildings that are home to major findings in the automotive industry. From LA to Ohio, Honda is everywhere.

Mobility Innovation Exchange

This flawless building is located in Ohio's capital. Honda has partnered with Ohio State University to make this building home to some of the world's prime auto technology. The Honda Team works with Ohio State scientists to advance knowledge and technology.

Ohio Center

This Raymond, Ohio office is the home to major design and engineering that's in Honda vehicles and powersport products.

Detroit Office

Detroit also known as "Motor City" is home for the Automobile Technology Research Group. Where they perform some of the company‚Äôs most important research, including working how to discover how to best cooperate with other automakers and governments. 

Los Angeles Center

In Torrance, the LA surburb, lies a Honda development center that strive to design new vehicle technology that will shock the world. It's also home for the Honda Environmental team.

Advanced Design Studio
In the hear of downtown LA, the Advanced Design Studio is where creative elements of the Honda brand are made.