The 2019 Honda Pilot Is The Perfect Family Vehicle

Family is important and we want to make sure you have a vehicle that is WORTH IT! The 2019 Honda Pilot is the perfect full-sized SUV that offers the most comfort, spacious & roomy seating and high tech features that the entire family will love. See the Top 10 reasons why the 2019 Honda Pilot is the best SUV for your family!

10. Celebrate the Honda Pilot with a bold new look that will impress everyone on the streets. With an updated grille and LED low-beam headlights & fog lights to guide you through our Florida roads, you'll be as impressed stepping out of your vehicle as you are stepping in. Let everyone admire your vehicle from afar, or maybe even up close!

9. Smartphones can smartly charge themselves without the necessity of cords! Enjoy the option to charge your phone through our wireless charging option that comes in the Pilot Elite model. This convenience can save you time and hassle-free worry of getting a little tied up during your drive. No texting and driving please!

8. One of our favorite features here at Coggin Honda of St. Augustine is CabinControl! Who doesn't want the option to be in control? You are the pilot of your Pilot, right? From climate control, audio functions to having the option to tell your passenger that you have arrived to your destination, the 2019 Honda Pilot lets you do it all!

7. "Are we there yet? Areeee we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?" Sound familiar?  Let the 2019 Honda Pilot eliminate the thought of this happening, with the Rear Entertainment System & the How Much Farther App to keep everyone in the back calm and two-steps ahead of where you are on your trip! 

6. An 8-Inch display will illuminate from the front to the back of your vehicle with its high resolution touch-screen. Your front seat passenger will have fun controlling the playlist and will allow you more visibility for the drive ahead. 

5. Handling at its finest with the Intelligent Variable Torque Management (i-VTM4) AWD System. Automatically enhance your drive at every push of the gas pedal, and you will experience your drives confidence as you take to new roads.

4. Stay in your lane with the Lane Keeping Assist System®. We know the 2019 Honda Pilot is prepared and excellent for long family trips & vacations, and those drives can get tiresome for the driver. Our technology will keep you alert no matter the time, place and day! 

3. Easy load & unloading is available with the Versatile Cargo Area & Available Power Tailgate with Hands-Free Access. No more hassling with your keys as your kids run around while you struggle to open the trunk! The door just, kind of opens!

2. When we say the entire family fits, we mean it! Invite your in-laws, furry friends or neighbors to take a ride with you for the 2019 Honda Pilot can sit up to eight people comfortably. Trips just got exciting, we know!

1. Save the best for LAST! It's a Honda!

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